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Leather wrist ruler


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Whether you view it as a cool accessory that's a nod to your favorite pastimes, or you can never find a measuring tape when you need one and wish to have it attached to your person, this wrist ruler is for you. It's designed and produced in Portland by the clever folks at Ilovehandles, who made this Fringe-exclusive version to satisfy my love of all things veg-tan and brass. I haven't taken mine off since the moment they arrived! And I can't wait to watch it age to a lovely golden tan, just like our stitch marker pouch and Field Bag strap.

(Please note that while the ruler markings are accurate, it's not intended as an ultra-precise measuring device, and the length will likely change slightly with wear and use.)

- made in USA
- natural vegetable-tanned leather
- antiqued brass button stud closure
- 15" long (wrap twice around your wrist)

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