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Mini scissors

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These tiny scissors are perfect for your travel toolkit or if (like me) you simply like to have a pair of scissors in every room in the house. At just two-four inches long, you'll find them easy to tuck into just about anywhere. And the short blades make them airport-security approved!

Sharp enough to cut yarn, thread and even paper, they will not cut through heavier twine or string.

- now available in 5 styles, pictured left to right: facet, putford, susan, storklette
- 2-4" inches tall, all with 3/4" blades
- TSA safe
- stainless steel
- made in Canada

NOTE: The matte black finish is achieved through an ancient blacksmithing technique. There may be some "offing" of the color when they're new. Simply pat the surface very gently with a dry soft cloth before using.

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