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Making is the latest venture from Carrie Bostick Hoge of Madder fame, and it's as content-rich and it is beautiful — more projects per volume than the average book. Nearly every page is project based, and it runs the gamut: knitting, crochet, embroidery, patchwork, dyeing, felting, sewing, you name it. Along with Carrie's sumptuous photography. It's one you'll definitely get a ton out of and hang onto for a long time.

Volume 3 (Dots, pictured) is packed with way too many gorgeous things to enumerate, beyond the 12 knitting patterns and 2 crochet patterns. My favorites are the indigo-dyed projects, the quilted mat, the drawstring bag, the embroidered pincushion, the dotted socks and the crocheted scarf. And it couldn’t be more beautiful from the front cover to the last page.

Volume 2 (Fauna) includes a whopping 16 knitting patterns — sweaters, shawls, mitts, hats, toys ... — and one crochet pattern, as well as several embroidery projects, an adorable stuffed squirrel sewing project, a drop spindle tutorial, recipes, essays and more.

Volume 1 (Flora) includes 10 knitting patterns (4 sweaters, 5 accessories and a toy) along with a sewn pouch, dollmaking, a beautiful embroidered bandana, patchwork coasters, felted vegetables, floral crowns and too much more to list!

- 160 uncoated pages
- perfect bound, with card-weight cover
- professionally edited patterns from top designers
- tutorials, essays and recipes
- 7.5 x 9.25 inches
- made in USA

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