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Image of Twig & Horn Wool Soap bars zoom Sold Out
Image of Twig & Horn Wool Soap bars zoom Sold Out

Twig & Horn Wool Soap bars

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My favorite wool wash is an all-natural, handmade bar soap I bought a couple of years ago and have lamented not being able to carry in the shop — until now! It's been reborn as part of the new Twig & Horn line and is now available in unscented plus three subtle scents: lemongrass, rosewood and white grapefruit.

Handmade in the USA of all-natural ingredients and essential oils, its key ingredient is lanolin — the same substance that (even minimal) processing takes from fleece when it's transformed into yarn. This lovely soap softens your woolens by restoring the lanolin. And does great things for your hands in the process!

As I'm running the water into my blocking basin, I just twirl the bar between my hands under the tap so the suds wash into the basin. Then soak your knits for 15 minutes, block and dry.

- handmade in USA
- all natural ingredients
- 100 grams per bar
- choose unscented, lemongrass, rosewood or white grapefruit

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